A Celebration of Eastern Woodland Indigenous Resilience

Empowerment Through unity

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The year 2020 marks 400 years since the Mayflower landed in Plymouth Massachusetts, marking the beginning to an influx of Migrants from across all of Turtle Island.

Eastern Woodland Indigenous Nations have the opportunity to seize the moment by redirecting the wind from the sails of this 400-year milestone, and using that energy to empower our people, preserve our culture, heal wounds, honor our warriors, and unify our people in a common pursuit towards a prosperous future!

This is a call to ALL Eastern Woodland Nations to join together, celebrate the resilience of our ancestors through events that WE control, that WE organize and that benefits OUR People! 

These events will be spiritual, peaceful, impactful, educational and cultural taking place throughout New England (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and New York.)

With the cooperation and efforts of All Eastern Woodland Indigenous Nations and Peoples together, we will reinforce our resolve for continued resilience of culture, values, and beliefs as Eastern Woodland Indigenous People!

What does 1620 mean to you?

“The end of many millennia of extraordinary civilizations living, working and co-existing,
honoring the Earth and each other.”
Lance P. Young-Ribeiro
Lance P. Young-RibeiroChief Sâchem, Nemasket Nation
“The deer island trilogy and confiscation of our lands, forced into a political and social paradigm foreign to our concepts, becoming the subculture in our own lands reduced to poverty and second class citizenship..after we fed, sheltered and taught these people to live upon our lands!”
BlackwolfChief Nipmuc, Amiskanoagwiak band
“To me the Mayflower means the beginning of the end. Sick, dying and with their children, pleading for a better life/religious freedom the pilgrims were of no threat to us. IF we wanted them gone we could have simply ignored them and they all would have died there would not have even been a need for violence to rid ourselves/land of them. You don’t bring your women and children if you’re there for trouble so I understand why my ancestors would have taught them to thrive and because of this community and family base lifestyle that helps us to thrive for thousands of years we would have had no reason to believe that they would not return the favor. Fast forward to present day the thought of this boat sickens me; the thought of my ancestors watching what’s happening now makes me cry. There is a blatant entitlement and extreme prejudice against native people that I have experienced my entire life, I don’t know how or what to say to help the people understand the feeling of literally drowning on my own land everyday in a sea of Mayflower descendants that’s how I feel that’s what that boat means to me.”
Alexandra Pocknett
Alexandra PocknettMashpee Wampanoag
“Lets make our ancestors proud with truth and dignity. To live by example in character and not feed into the myth that we all have perished”
Alfred Godfrey
Alfred GodfreyIntertribal Veteran

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