MWT is Expanding Who Can Get Vaccinated for Covid-19

We are moving into Phase 3 of the MWT Vaccination program

IHS will now schedule:

  • Young adults (ages 18 and over)

  • Workers in occupations important to society functioning not included in Phase 1 or 2

  • Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Spouses and household members

  • Non-Mashpee Tribal members eligible for direct services

IHS will continue to still provide the vaccine to Elders  65 and over and those who have medical conditions that place them at greater risk to Covid-19 and also still continue to provide the vaccine to all Tribal members.

Everyone that falls into any of the above categories is encouraged to call IHS at (508) 539-2561 to schedule a date /time to receive the vaccination.  IHS staff will schedule you for your second booster at that time.

Please keep in mind that The Covid -19 vaccination is a two shot series. Following your initial Vaccine injection, you will require a booster that can be given approximately 21-28 days later. The second dose should be administered as close to the recommended interval as possible per the CDC guidelines. 

Important to know facts:

  • Experts say people can still spread and even develop COVID-19 after getting a vaccine.

  • They note the immunity from the vaccine doesn’t begin to emerge until at least 12 days after inoculation.

  • They add the vaccine doesn’t prevent coronavirus infection. It helps protect against serious illnesses.

  • Experts advise people who get vaccinated to continue wearing a mask, washing their hands, avoiding group gatherings and maintaining proper physical distancing.

For Covid-19 resource support please contact Mashpee Wampanoag Emergency Management at: 508-477-0208 X 103