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Sold By: Lenape, Inc



III VI O(360)Luxury leather bag is not you typical nylon backpack from elementary school! You have come a long way, your bag should match your drive and attire! no more showing up to meetings with your old school bag, and no more showing up to school with a bag that blends into the crowd!

Material: 100% leather
Color: Natural

Each bag is bespoke and individually hand made using genuine leather. All Lenape bags get better and better with the passage of time as the leather will soften and the colors will deepen. The tone and distinct color of each bag will vary and be unique as no two pieces of leather created with our process are the same. Our leather does not receive any chemical treatment! A special vegetable oil is applied to each finished bag in order to bring out the natural tones in the leather and help keep the bag water resistant. Each bag has its own charm and style with a very special earthy smell that only real leather can provide. Its lightness, flexibility and durability will assure you of the Lenape quality.

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