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As Memorial Day Weekend is already upon us, we are facing many new challenges that are surrounding us in the midst of this new virus and unprecedented pandemic.  In order to ensure that we are all doing our part and keeping our people and families safe at this time, we must be sure to remain cognizant and vigilant in our efforts.  As you may have noticed the Cape is already beginning to look as it does each year during this time with many tourists flooding into the area. 

There are a few things to keep in mind as we navigate through our own lands during the current threat of this extremely devastating virus and during the same time that many various people are in process of arriving from outside regions.   Due to this increase in tourism, the potential for positive spikes and additional cases in our area is going to be even more enhanced, although the current guidance from the MDPH has been for all travelers to MA to self-quarantine for 14 days, the reality is that most likely will not be the case.  The new guidelines within the state, advise all residents to continue staying at home as much as possible to prevent spreading the coronavirus.

Please be sure to follow the current COVID-19 health and safety guidance that is in place, to help ensure that our tribal community remains safe during these times as the current risk and potential for virus exposure is extremely elevated. 

Stay safe everyone and have an enjoyable holiday weekend. 

Beach Safety Rules

Barnstable County Beach Guidelines