Italian Americans for Indigenous Peoples Day Call to Action
Dear Fellow Italian Americans and All Allies,
Please join us in advocating for the passage of H.3665, “An Act Establishing Indigenous Peoples Day” in Massachusetts. As people of Italian decent, we have heard the voices of Indigenous peoples and learned the complete history of Columbus, whose reprehensible legacy includes the genocide of Native peoples and the establishment of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. We should no longer support a holiday that recognizes a man for his exploration but erases the genocide of the people who welcomed him. After 82 years of recognizing this incomplete narrative, we must now make visible and honor the resilience of Native peoples, their diverse histories and cultures, and their many contributions to society and to Mother Earth. We do this in honor of our own ancestors, who persevered in this country despite being victimized for their ethnicity, and we follow the example of the many Italian Americans who fought and continue to fight for human rights, for all.
We are asking Italian Americans and allies to take the following action steps:
  • Email members of the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight to express your support for H.3665. This committee will decide whether the bill continues through the legislative process. Legislators have gotten many letters from Italian Americans who are angry about renaming the holiday. Don’t let them speak for all of us! You will find instructions, contact info, and a letter template here:
  • Join us in standing in solidarity with Indigenous peoples by signing our statement. We plan to send this statement and list of signers to the committee.
  • Join our Italian Americans for Indigenous Peoples Day Facebook group for updates and future action items. 
  • Follow and share @ItaliansforIPD on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Share this email with your networks!
For more information visit, or contact us at Learn more about all five Indigenous rights bills currently before the Massachusetts State Legislature at
Grazie mille!   
Michelle Chalmers, Danielle DeLuca, Norah Dooley, Heather Leavell, and Corinne Popp
Co-Founders, Italian Americans for Indigenous Peoples Day

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