Published May 16, 2019

CBD Oil is all the rage nowadays. Everybody who is suffering from acute stress and anxiety is purchasing CBD Oil to treat themselves naturally. The anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD Oil work wonders in calming the body and the mind. If you are suffering from anxiety, insomnia, and/or chronic pain, then CBD Oil could be just what you need. You will be truly amazed at its no-less-than miraculous benefits. However, with so many brands of CBD Oil available on the market and tons of CBD Oil reviews available online, it can become very difficult to choose the one that will best suit your needs. Moreover, since CBD is a prospering and profitable industry, there are multiple unscrupulous companies, who are selling low-grade CBD Oil. In this post, we will be highlighting certain points that will help you to research and find good CBD Oil brands that you can trust.

  • Manufacturing Method Utilized

If you are buying CBD Oil at a price drastically lower than the market rate, then it usually means that the manufacturer is using toxic solvents to extract the CBD Oil. These include; propane and butane. It isn’t advisable to buy CBD Oil that is extracted using these toxic agents. We recommend going for CBD Oil that is extracted using organic, pharmaceutical grade ethanol or through superficial CO2 extraction. Hence, it’s important to do thorough research over the vendor’s production methods before going for a particular brand of CBD Oil.

  • Where is the CBD Brand sourcing their hemp from?

Hemp, as you might know, is a hyperaccumulator. If it is grown in good soil, it will accumulate all the good nutrients in it, and the resulting hemp will be of high-quality. However, if the same hemp is cultivated on land which has a larger concentration of heavy metals like mercury and lead, the resulting hemp will be of low-quality and even dangerous to our health. Therefore, it becomes pretty essential to research where the CBD is sourced from before deciding on a particular brand of CBD Oil.

  • The level of THC present in the CBD Oil

Although hemp is naturally low in THC, if poor-quality extraction equipment is used to obtain the CBD Oil from a large quantity of hemp, the oil may have more than the recommended percentage of THC. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid that is responsible for causing a “high.” When it comes to the optimal level of THC present in CBD oil, no bottle should contain more than 0.3%  of THC.

Final Words

These are some of the major considerations that you should take into account before purchasing CBD oil from any particular brand. Aside from what has been mentioned above, high-quality CBD oil manufacturers also provide third-party lab results with their products. This makes it easy for consumers to ascertain the levels of THC and CBD that are present in the product. Moreover, these third-party lab results also indicate whether there is any sort of impurities present in the CBD Oil or not. We hope that you now have a better understanding of what to research in order to find a good CBD Oil brand that you can trust.

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