by, Daniel Strong Walker Thomas

Harvard Graduate & Faculty Member Dr.Dolly Amaya

The Indigenous entrepreneur is a rapidly growing segment of the micro business community! Many of us have innate Creator given talents in arts, storytelling, peacemaking, healing, bridge building and now computer coding, AI, and of course we are professional service providers!

The Indigenous Entrepreneur

Making money and growing money still remains a mystery to many of us. As a whole, we are kind-hearted people, environmentalists and connected to the living spirit of the land.
Businesses are all greedy and take advantage of the many so that a small group can prosper right? WRONG!!

We as a people need to learn the rules of the business world, not the cultures! often it is the cultures within corporations that allow for the mistreatment and improper stewardship of resources both natural and human! We can learn to become self reliant within the rules & regulations but with our culture!

Rules vs Cultur

The most import piece of education we must have is financial education! Indigenous Boston has partnered with Dr. Dolly Amaya a Harvard graduate, faculty member, and spearhead of the National Campaign for Financial Literacy!

Classes will be on Harvards Campus and online!

This partnership will enable Indigenous Boston members, and supporters to register for a scholarship and take the National Financial Literacy course, either in person on the campus of Harvard University or online via live webinar! Upon graduation from the course, the scholarship will cover the costs (up to $1000) of taking your Property & Casualty insurance sales license! That is NOT all this scholarship is offering, because after you are licensed Dr. Dolly Amaya and her team of industry experts will mentor you on starting YOUR OWN entrepreneurial financial venture! Become an ambassador for the National Campaign for Financial Literacy and begin educating others in our communities on Finance!

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